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Gmail vs Outlook

Gmail and outlook both are the free email services provider. They are easy to use but sometimes you may face issues while using them so in that case you can contact our Support team but for now we’ll leave it to you to decide which one of them is better for you depending on your requirements.

Issues with Gmail and Outlook services

The most common issue you will face while using these two services are:

  • Services temporarily unavailable
  • Spam
  • Email won’t load
  • Rejected emails
  • Crashing

Generally, these are the most common issues you will face while using them they are no big deal most of them will get fixed by restarting the browser and but  if still, any issue remains and not working then you can contact Gmail customer support number they will provide you with better assistance and for outlook you can also visit http://emailsupportnumber.org/outlook-support/  for outlook.

Comparison between Gmail and outlook

We can compare both the email services on the basis of the features they are providing and now it will upon you to decide which you will use. The differences are:

  1. Storage for emails
  • GMAIL – it provides you with 15 GB of storage for your emails but the only problem is that this space is shared between different apps for Gmail like photos, drive.


  • OUTLOOK – Outlook gives you a space of 5 GB but only for outlook and unlike Google, it is not shared between other apps of Microsoft like one drive and other apps.


  1. Advertisements
  • GMAIL – Gmail used to show ads in the Gmail but now no ads will be displayed in the inbox of the Gmail.


  • OUTLOOK – ads are displayed in the inbox of the outlook on the right-hand side of the display.


  1. Instant messaging
  • GMAIL – Gmail has in-built instant messaging features it doesn’t depend on another app for instant messaging unlike Outlook
  • OUTLOOK – Outlook uses Skype for instant messaging service, you can see a Skype icon in the inbox of the outlook on the right side


  1. Security
  • GMAIL – Google uses a two step authentication feature in which you have an insert a code after typing your password then only you can log in to your Gmail account.


  • OUTLOOK – Outlook also uses a similar feature of the two step authentication and also it has a trusted user feature and spam protection.


  1. Extras
  • GMAIL – Other than just using it for email you can customize t according to you with different themes and can also perform incorporate tasks with the help of Gmail


  • OUTLOOK – it also has a feature of customizable themes and in outlook, you have incorporate calendar


We have compared them now the choice is yours to the use of which according to your requirements but if you have any issues while using them then you can contact the Gmail support and Outlook Support.



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